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Welcome to RES EU. This website contains a database of the certification schemes in place and qualifications required for small scale renewable energy installers to operate in countries across Europe.
This website is a source of information and support for:
  • Installers of small scale renewable technologies interested in working across borders.
  • Scheme administrators and national / regional authorities when considering requests for mutual recognition of the certification / qualifications obtained by installers from a different EU Member State.

The RES-EU database contains the following information for each country listed:
  • Contact details for national/regional certification bodies
  • Detailed information on the technologies covered under each scheme, whether the scheme is mandatory or voluntary for each technology and what level of education is required
  • Competencies covered by training
  • Training costs, duration and content
  • Details of any processes established to recognise qualifications issued in another Member State (referred to as “mutual recognition”)
  • Details of any legislation associated with the certifications/qualification
  • Non-compliance penalties and customer insurances